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Damage to your home or building’s foundation can create major problems today and in the future. When your home or business foundation shows extensive damage, it may be unsafe to have residents, tenants, or guests inside.

Call Dam the flood at 301-421-1810 and we will secure the asset’s foundation, whether it’s a home or business.

Foundation repairs

Dam The Flood can contain, repair, and even prevent water damage caused by Foundation Issues.

 We offer essential engineering and repair services to residential and commercial building foundations. Our expertise helps many home and business owners resolve a potentially serious problems. If you are currently experiencing issues,  contact us at 301-421-1810 to discuss your concerns about foundation repairs. We conduct inspections for property owners seeking information about the condition of a commercial or residential foundation.

Our team is more than willing to help you with the Foundation damage and can be trusted to work efficiently and in less time.

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  • Inspection and Assessment
  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Repair and Cleanup
  • Restoration and Reconstruction
  • Foundation Water Damage
  • Roof Water Damage
  • Wood Water Damage
  • Metal Water Damage