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Comprehensive Water Damage Cleanup Solutions for Residential and Commercial Properties

Reach out to us 24/7 for immediate intervention in cases of water damage affecting either residential or commercial settings. Our suite of services encompasses water damage cleanup, drying, restoration, and rebuilding, designed to tackle any water-related emergency you may face.

Immediate Availability for Water Damage Incidents

Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage. Our rapid-response team is on call around the clock, ensuring prompt action that minimizes damage, mitigates further complications, and optimizes the overall cost of restoration. Our commitment is to be on-site as swiftly as possible.

State-of-the-Art Techniques and Equipment

We employ the most advanced strategies and cutting-edge machinery to expedite water removal and mitigate subsequent damage. Our approach includes specialized equipment designed to quickly remove water and deter further deterioration.

Comprehensive Restoration Services

From the initial call through to the final restoration, we’re with you at each step. Our services include water extraction, damage cleanup, sewage backup remediation, full-scale restoration, and any other repairs you might need.

Above all, we provide prompt and precise estimates, as well as complete services to eliminate water or sewage issues and safeguard your property against water damage, mold, and mildew.

Expert Water Mitigation

Our meticulously crafted water mitigation techniques assure top-tier restoration for both residential and commercial properties.

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Yards with Pools of Water

Maryland Contractor Services

Yards with pools of water are a clear sign of drainage issues. If ignored, the issue will affect the general landscape, property structural integrity. We identify and fix any future drainage problems to your home or property.

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Construction Services

Waterproofing your home will give you complete peace of mind. Our company specializes in all aspects of waterproofing, such as assessing and analyzing your property, determining the best waterproofing solution, and then installing the materials to seal and prevent water damage.

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Foundation Repairs

Licensed Contractor Services

Foundation issues can be a problem and sometimes need immediate attention. Many structural issues can be fixed, but some damage is hidden. We do structural repairs for residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

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Structural Repairs

Construction Services

Is your home or business showing signs of damage? If so, call Dam The Flood to find solutions today. Our team specializes in structural issues and can determine the best repair plan for your situation. However your structure needs to be repaired, we'll get it done.View more »

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Residential Services

Burst and Frozen Pipes, Sump Pump Cleanup, Flood Damage Cleanup, Wall and Ceiling Cleanup, Crawl Space Encapsulation, Water Extraction and Drying, Sewer Cleanup, Storm Recovery, Basement Flooding Restoration, Mold Remediation, Residential Reconstruction

Commercial Services

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup, Commercial Mold Removal, Commercial Storm Cleanup, Commercial Reconstruction

Water damage disasters differ from the amount of damage to the level of contamination. Our process is designed to offer solutions to any type of situation.

  1. Inspection and Assessment

  2. Water Removal and Extraction

  3. Drying and Dehumidification

  4. Repair and Cleanup

  5. Restoration

Dam The Flood is a specialized division of Assured Services Inc., a company with over three decades of experience in delivering high-quality contracting services to both residential and commercial clients.